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Lacunae update

You can now view the story arcs for the following Lacunae episodes:
  1. Hierophant
  2. Writhan
  3. Nevartel Mini-Golf

Part of this is to try and encourage me to start doing the comic type things again - and to break away from Keenspace, which I found arcane, difficult to work with, and while it pulled visitors to me, I suppose it was just more annoying than it was worth. This will mean there's no bulletin board for the comics, so I suppose anyone actually reading will have to comment here!

Really, most of Lacunae looks like utter crap to me. Special secret knowledge...'I have these doves' was written and drawn first, but I decided I needed a setting, then Writhan kind of happened. I have the most fun doing Nevartel stuff - it generally looks far better, and I take a lot more time over it for some reason.
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